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There are numerous sand dunes throughout Southern Africa. Cape Town boasts two popular sites, on the West Coast are the ever shifting dunes of Atlantis which range in size up to 50 meters and on the east coast there is the massive 250 meter dune in Betty’s Bay planted on the side of a mountain, Atlantis dunes is a 45 min drive from the city of Cape Town and Bettys bay is just under 2 hours.

Dylan is an experienced guide who will take you and your friends for a day out. He uses only professional equipment for your safety, his sandboards are custom made and lighter than a snowboard that have been modified for use on sand with sturdy snowboard bindings that give your feet a firm grip on the board, vital for complete control and safety. Dylan takes you to the heart of the dunes in his 4x4 vehicle, there he will get you familiar with the equipment and take you step by step through the art of mastering sandboarding, safety always comes 1st and his guides also do the board waxing for you.

In no time at all your will be speeding down an untamed dune. A usual session is about 2 hours long and can include transport to and from the dunes.

Why choose Sandboarding Cape Town, Dylan the owner runs the tours himself with his friendly staff, our motto is customer service and we are very proud of your reviews on TripAdvisor.

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